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Hot Stone Massage

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What is Hot Stone Massage?                      


Hot Stone Massage is a variation of a typical massage, the therapist will warm the muscles in the usual way and then introduce water heated  volcanic basalt stones to massage with.



Hot Stone Massage originates from ancient times. However the use of hot stones for massage became popular after Mary Nelson, a massage therapist, introduced a massage technique in 1993 called La Stone Therapy using hot stones.

What are the benefits of Hot Stone Massage?        image0082                                                                                    

Applying hot stones on the body increases the temperature of both skin and muscle tissue and this improves the blood circulation and calms the nervous system. As the superficial muscles relax, the therapist can also massage the deeper muscles. The heat from the stones releases muscle tension faster than a classic massage. As a result, hot stone massages are deeply relaxing and act to re-balance the mind and body. As the New Horizon therapist uses Volcanic Basalt stones, the client also benefits from the minerals released  from these stones when they are heated.

As Hot Stone Massage helps circulation, these massages are particularly beneficial for those who have cold feet and generally poor circulation. Others who will benefit are those who suffer from back pain, arthritis pain, stress and anxiety, depression and insomnia. 

What happens during a Hot Stone Massage?

Typically , a hot stones massage will last approximately 90 minutes and a standard session will usually involve the following steps:

·         You will be asked to disrobe and lie face down on a massage bed. Areas not being massaged will be covered by warm towels.

·         Your therapist will then apply oil to your body so that the stones can sit comfortably on or glide along the body.

·         Your therapist will have heated the stones to the desired temperature. (usually  between 53-64 degrees  Celsius )

·         The stones will be tested first to ensure that they are hot enough to heat the body and cause a relaxation effect (and not to hot to cause discomfort)

image0053·         The stones will then be placed at specific points on your back, between your toes and in the palms of your hands. feel free to let your therapist know if the basalt stones are too hot (everyone has a different heat  threshold) or if you wish them to be heated further.

·         After you have had a period of time to feel the effects of the hot stones, your therapist may apply pressure on the stones to massage your body or may remove the stones to massage your body directly.


Will it hurt?

The Basalt stones used during a hot stone massage are very smooth,  as a result, you should not experience pain when the stone is rubbed across the body, the rubbing of the stone should feel like a firm hand massaging your muscles.

Is it suitable for everyone?

As Hot Stone Massage creates a heating effect on the body through skin and muscles, it is not recommended for those who: 

Are prone to blood clots.

Have suffered strokes.

Have skin diseases.

Have open wounds.

Have just under gone surgery or chemotherapy.

Have raised varicose veins or ulcers.

Pregnant women should consult their doctors before having a treatment.  




If you would like to know more about this therapy please feel free to telephone for an informal chat, an answering service is available if no one is free to take your call so please leave your name and number and we will return your call as soon as we can.

Telephone 01553 679453     or 07817693867.

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