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Feb 16 2020

2020 A Year of Change

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It has been so long since I have had the time to update on here, but now I find that health issues are forcing me to slow down. I now have the time to do the things that have slipped past me. This change for me is one of the lessons in this lifetime that […]

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Dec 29 2017

2017- 2018

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2017 has, I think for so many people been a tough year and I freely admit its been tough for me too. However I have learned from it. I wont say the lessons have been easy because they haven’t been but then what worth while lessons are easy? Like most people I struggled for a […]

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Jan 02 2016

2016-Bring it on

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Another year has passed and I have no idea where it went!!! 2015 turned out to be a year of stopping and starting, stopping when people kept telling me I was doing too much and starting again when I got bored rigid (usually within a week) I have slowed down in my own way…not working […]

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Jan 15 2015


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Hi Everyone, I have been looking back on the last few years of my life and can’t believe how much it’s changed. 2013 was a huge year for me, I got remarried after saying for years that I would never do it again (never say never as you don’t know what’s round the corner) I […]

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Jan 15 2014


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It doesnt seem five minutes since I posted at the beginning of 2013. So much has happened in my life this past year that I wouldnt know where to start. In many respects I have slowed down and passed on some of my work to others but in other areas things have speeded up and […]

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Mar 16 2013

I,m back!!!!

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Hi everyone, sorry that I have been away for so long but I nipped out to have a triple heart bypass!!! Bit awesome I admit and things didn’t quite go to plan as I ended up dieing on the table, not what we expected but those amazing people at Papworth hospital did their stuff and […]

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Nov 06 2012


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Hi everyone Once again I have to apologise for not posting earlier but my health has not been very good and I have needed some time out. I will be taking a break for a short while as I need to have an operation and I will be back as soon as I can, but […]

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Aug 16 2012

Its been awhile.

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Sorry to everyone for not posting for some time but life once again has been hectic. Unfortunately I have been unwell for a while but I’m back now and looking forward to starting a new group and all it entails. The loyalty and support I have received from my old groups have been fantastic, how […]

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Jan 19 2012

Happy New Year

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Hi everyone I know its a bit late but the sentiment is the same. I wish each and everyone of you a fantastic, healthy and happy 2012. It was my birthday last week and I decided that I would host a party for my students so that old and new students could get together , […]

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Dec 22 2011

Merry Xmas

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Hi everyone just wanted to wish you all a fantastic Christmas and New Year. Just a quick update for  all the lovely  people  who follow my posts. I sadly said goodbye to my Wednesday group last night as I have taught them all I can now and its time for them to either find another […]

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