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Oct 08 2013

Shifting and changing.

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  Hi everyone apologies once again for the length of time it has taken me to update my post. As usual life has been extremely interesting as well as challenging……nothing new there. I am now completely recovered from the triple heart operation I had last November and it is difficult to believe it’s been nearly […]

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Jan 09 2011

Another year, and more groups

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Hi everyone, another year and more groups to set up and have fun with. My old groups will now move to Wednesdays and use this time to practice and continue on their spiritual journeys, just wanted to say “thank you for joining me and for sharing not only your lives, experience’s, laughter and the odd […]

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Nov 29 2010

New Year -New Groups

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Hi everyone, another year nearly over and I can,t believe how fast it has gone again!!! I had intended to take a break for a couple of months now that my present group are just about finished…..but the Universe has other ideas. At the moment I have nearly twenty people waiting for the New Years […]

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Apr 21 2010

New Group

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Apologies for not updating earlier but work and life as usual has been manic. As this development group is now coming to an end a new group is now being formed and looks as if it is going to be male orientated.  Everyone is now starting to get excited about joining and texts are coming […]

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