Hi everyone, another year nearly over and I can,t believe how fast it has gone again!!!

I had intended to take a break for a couple of months now that my present group are just about finished…..but the Universe has other ideas. At the moment I have nearly twenty people waiting for the New Years new groups to start. So it looks like I shall be teaching two or three groups very soon.

The work I have been doing with a local company is still going extremely well,  bless them they have given me my own room (I even have my name on the door)  and they have allowed me to decorate the room and to leave my stuff on site which makes life so much easier.  And I really appreciate the fact that they want me back for another year. So I’m  really looking forward to another year with them.

Work at the therapy rooms is very busy I’m glad to say , it usually slows a bit at this time of year as everyone saves their money for Christmas but this year I’m busy-er than ever  and its just as well that I love my job as time off is very unpredictable.

I just want to wish everyone a very happy Xmas and a brilliant New Year and to thank all my fantastic clients for coming to see me over the past year, especially thoes who have travelled many miles to get to me.