Hi everyone, another year and more groups to set up and have fun with. My old groups will now move to Wednesdays and use this time to practice and continue on their spiritual journeys, just wanted to say “thank you for joining me and for sharing not only your lives, experience’s, laughter and the odd tear or two with me but for your friendship and trust in me. You are all brilliant and I have been blessed by meeting you, many many thanks”

Also “well-come” to the new groups, the first group starts on the 24th January. I’m looking forward to not only teaching you all but to sharing your journeys, meeting your guides and having some fun!!!

I firmly believe that these groups shouldn’t be just about learning but sharing fun and laughter along the way, (and I can assure you that “spirit” love laughter) those of you that know me know that I cant be serious for too long and with my sense of humour its just impossible not to have regular giggles. So bring your laughing gear with you!!

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