Hi everyone, sorry that I have been away for so long but I nipped out to have a triple heart bypass!!! Bit awesome I admit and things didn’t quite go to plan as I ended up dieing on the table, not what we expected but those amazing people at Papworth hospital did their stuff and sorted me out. And for those of you spiritually minded….sorry to say I didn’t see a white light….. but I was escorted down a corridor and was taken in to some very interesting rooms before they kicked my butt back here. Anyway I,m back…better than ever and raring to go. Obviously things have to change with my work so I,m going to drop some of my therapies and will be adding new ones.  One of the new therapies will be hypnotherapy and I will be setting up a new page to showcase it, I’m also setting up a Reiki share so watch this space. Back soon.