Sooooo little time and so much to do, I find a few minutes here and there to add bits and pieces to the site so bear with me please. Work comes first and I wont even think about the fact that new brochures are needing to be done, reports should have been completed and group work has to be done before the  next class, thank goodness my group understand and like it when I say “I’m going to wing it tonight and see what happens”. They are also very patient about how long its taking me to get the photos of them on the site.

It obviously runs in the family as my son calls in when he has five minutes to spare, to do a bit more on the new decking area outside the therapy rooms. The wait will be worth it. I cant believe how big it is going to be…. lots of room for group work in the summer months and for client work in the sunshine…hard work but someone has to do it. When I get time pictures will be posted on the site!!!!! Work is calling now so till next time…..