Spiritual & Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing uses the power and beauty of crystals to  heal.

Placing crystals on or around the body can have a profound effect on our well-being.

Crystals and gemstones have a long tradition of being used for healing. In contemporary practice there are two main ways in which they are used, both of which have parallels in much older traditions across the world. The first method can be called the “spiritual healing paradigm”. Here crystals, especially clear quartz stones, are used to channel, direct and amplify energy from the healer, or from the spiritual realms with which the healer works. Healing energy is mentally directed through the stone, which amplifies and clarifies the healing potential, some North American Indian Healers use quartz in this way to diagnose a problem and then remove it. very often only one or two crystals are used.

The second method of crystal healing can be called the “resonance placement paradigm”, this method doesn,t require belief in the spirit worlds or in any kind of energy coming from elsewhere, but relies on the power of the crystals themselves, and the healing intuition of an individual.

Many different stones may be used, each one chosen for a particular beneficial effect on the patient. placed on or around the body, the colour, shape and composition of the stones are thought to create a resonance that encourages healing to take place, this system parallels the magical, talismanic practices of carrying gemstones, as well as the Ayurvedic traditions of India in which stones are chosen to bring the most harmonious energy to each individual.

Crystals can be  used to balance and cleanse the body,s chakra points. for example Ruby can help energise the base chakra, carnelian for the sacrel chakra, Tigers Eye for the solar plexus, Moss agate works in harmony with the heart chakra, for the throat use Turquoise, Sapphire for the brow and sugilite to balance the crown chakra.

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