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New Horizons can provide tailor made, corporate, on site well being therapies; these therapies can consist of

Indian Head Massage. The upper back, shoulders, upper arms and neck are susceptible to tension and stress, this treatment utilises massage to relive this. The treatment also consists of a head, neck and face massage and is designed to detoxify the body systems and to re-balance the energy centres.  A beautiful and relaxing treatment that is highly recommended.

Face and Neck Massage is both tranquil and therapeutic, a blend of aromatic oils are used to aid relaxation.

G5 Massage is an electronic heavy duty massage that stimulates deep blood flow. It is extremely efficient in releasing tight muscles and tension in the lower back and shoulders.

Reiki is a deeply peaceful treatment, the client is taken on a journey in their minds (with the aid of a visualization Cd) whilst the therapist acts as a catalyst or channel to transfer healing energy that will aid the body’s own natural healing process and promotes emotional well being. A treatment that is not only extremely relaxing but therapeutic at the same time.

Chakra Balancing & Auric Cleansing. When one energy chakra (energy centre) becomes disturbed it can upset the functioning of the other chakras, which over time may contribute to physical and emotional ill health, this therapy realigns and re balances the chakras. Auric cleansing, cleans and re-balances the aura that surrounds us.

Meditation/Visualisation. On an individual basis or in groups, as part of a healing therapy, or on its own, these exercises can be taught to alleviate stress, physical and emotional problems or to enhance the quality of life. A chance to take time out of a busy day and be lead on a journey in your mind.

Thought Field Therapy/ Emotional Freedom Technique/ Neuro Linguistic Programming. Combinations of these techniques are used to eliminate all types of emotional stress. Both work related and personal issues can be eliminated with complete confidentiality. Emotions such as fear, grief, anger, anxiety, trauma, jealousy, guilt, panic attacks and depression can all be eliminated; the results can be amazing as emotional problems frequently disappear in minutes.

New Horizons are happy to spend the day on site with your employees, a day where your employees can pick whichever therapy they wish, soothing music, towels and aromatic oils are provided.

So to gain the optimum results from your workforce and to safe guard their health and well being why not give New Horizons a call or email today to see how we can help with all your well being needs.

Telephone : 01553 679453 or 07817693867

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