Thought Field Therapy & Emotional Freedom Tecnique


Thought Field Therapy (TFT) is a technique for the rapid elimination of all types of emotional stress.

It works rather like acupuncture by stimulating the body’s energy meridians, no needles are used, instead the  client finger taps on various parts of the body being directed by the therapist.

The results can be amazing as emotional problems frequently disappear in minutes.

Thought Field  Therapy can help remove fear, grief, anger, anxiety, trauma, jealousy, guilt, panic attacks and depression.


Emotional Freedom Technique works in much the same way as Thought Field Therapy, the difference being that words are used to focus and at times intensify the emotional response. whilst some clients find it difficult to identify and maintain an emotion (this happens for various reasons) using a set up phrase (the words) can help .




What happens during a session?

Both therapies involve identifying an issue and then tapping with your fingers on specific acupressure points. for example if you still carry anger towards someone who has hurt you in the past, you would be asked to think about them, and notice how you feel. you do not have to relive past events, you just have to be aware that the negative feeling is there. so, having “tuned in” to it, you are shown which acupressure points to tap , ( and with EFT , what words to say as you do so. )

Having done that you are then asked to think about the person or situation again and check how you feel.

typically you will notice a significant reduction in the intensity of the feeling. if it hasn’t completely gone, the therapist will repeat the process, bringing the intensity down each time until it has gone.

All this is  done while sitting normally in a chair.

Can anyone have a treatment?

Yes, so far there are no clearly linked cases of these therapies causing any adverse reactions for clients.

if you are working with a qualified practitioner for a severe psychological illness we may not be able to work  with you with out their supervision or consent .

If you would like to know more about these therapies or if you are unsure  if they can help you please feel free to telephone for an informal chat.

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An answering service is available if there is no one to take your call, so please leave your name and number and we will return your call as soon as we can.

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